Healthy & Youthful Skin
Argan oil does miracles for your skin, hair and nails. This rare, all-natural oil is packed with vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids. That makes it your dream care product. Dry, itchy or oily skin? Not with this ultra-efficient moisturizing oil. Your skin feels velvety soft and smooth. Argan oil keeps your skin young and slows down the aging process visible: gently rub away your wrinkles and repair the damage of
Beautiful Hair Forever
Making the Most of Argan Oil ... Argan oil is the perfect option for your beauty regime. It will constantly keep your hair moist and shiny. It is also great for those times that you suffer from dry hair from other chemicals or natural elements. Low humidity levels, large amounts of sun and colouring the hair are all linked to poor levels of moisture in the hair and cuticles. Argan oil is
Beautiful Hands & Feet
Pure Argan Oil is also a great way to soften your hands, feet, cuticles and to strengthen your nails and give them a healthy radiant look. Use a few drops of Mogad'or Pure Argan Oil every time after you have washed your hands. Preferably at a slightly damp skin to restore the moisture balance of your skin again and to get rid of the roughness. It’s advisable to keep your hands
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Mogad’or – The liquid gold of Morocco -

mogad'or cosmetics

Mogad’or is the geographical name Mogador incorporating the French “d’or” which refers to liquid gold of Organic argan oil.


Mogador is the medieval (Portuguese) name for the city of Essaouira, which is situated on the southern coast of Morocco. The oldest part of Mogador is surrounded by the walls of the old city and it is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. With its picturesque appearance and wellpreserved historic core, Essaouira is a real attraction for people from all over the world. Anyone who has been there, knows that there is an alluring mystique that hangs over the town. It is an authentic fishing village and every night you can see countless small wooden boats with their typical blue color in the harbor. In the early morning they return with fish that is barbequed and sold in food stalls. It is a true experience to see this for yourself. Not only are the boats in Mogador blue, but you will notice this color everywhere. It is why Mogador is also known as the Blue city, much like Marrakech is called the Red city.


It is around this area where the argan tree grows.


Besides pure argan oil, Morocco is rich in other natural resources that form the basis for the healthy diet of the population and the beauty care which the local Berber women have known for some time, including argan oil benefits.


Centuries-old traditions are preserved and passed from generation to generation. It is our great pleasure to share these Moroccan beauty secrets with you so that you can experience the natural beauty of healthy and sustainable personal care products.

from mogador with love


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