What is Argan Oil?


liquid gold of morocco

Argan oil is pressed from a nut that grows into a fruit of the argan tree. This tree is only found in a small part of Morocco. The argan tree can become hundreds of years old and gives her first fruits after about 15 to 25 years. People around the world have tried to cultivate this tree in their countries, but without any positive results. Because this tree only can grow and produce fruits in this part of the world, argan oil is considered to be the most rare vegetable oil that you can find. It has a light golden color and a smooth nutty flavor. To extract edible argan oil, the nuts are first roasted, before being grinded and pressed. By burning the nuts, the oil gets a stronger smell and it brings more flavour to the taste, making it more suitable for consumption. The color of this edible oil is darker (brown) than the cosmetic argan oil.


Our Argan Oil


Mogad’or Pure Argan Oil is a cosmetic oil. Cold pressed from the raw argan nuts and it is 100% organic.

Perhaps you are familiar with it or it is completely new to you, but pure argan oil is seen as a fantastic natural beauty product. It is best known as a cosmetic miracle oil for hair and skin care. Argan oil is rich in vitamin E and is loaded with antioxidants. Numerous scientific studies have shown that these components protect and repair both skin and hair. Additionally this Moroccan oil protects the resistance of the skin and that is significant when you realize that our skin is the largest organ of our body. In short, healthy beauty care for a more radiant skin and a beautiful natural shine to your hair. Argan oil is a sustainable product that does what it says and the best of all; Mogad’or Pure Argan oil comes right from Mother Nature!

 we add nothing groen

 You can apply Mogad’or Argan oil to:


■ argan oil skin treatment for dry or pulling skin due to cold, after shaving and after sun exposure
■ natural beauty care for sensitive skin
■ dry or damaged hair, such as exposure to excessive heat from blowdryers and curling irons
■ pure Argan oil reduces hair loss hormone fluctuations during pregnancy or old age
■ prevent /repair stretch marks (striae)
■ nail and cuticle care
■ lip care with organic Argan oil
■ foot care for lovely soft feet
■ scar care- reduces scarring significantly
■ care for chapped buttocks or diaper rash on your baby
■ massage
■ as a natural make-up remover. Cleansing and moisturizing at the same time
■ and much more


Argan oil contains traces of nuts.



Healthy beauty care treatment from head to toe with only 1 bottle of Mogad’or!
It is the ideal all-in-one natural beauty product. However, argan oil is scarce, especially now that the world has discovered it, and it is therefore pricey. It is also referred to as “liquid gold”. But with pure argan oil, you don’t need anything else to use on your hair, face, body, hands and feet. With one bottle Mogad’or Pure Argan Oil you replace almost all of your care products and you know that you really have a healthy and natural beauty product in your house from now on. With a few drops of Mogad’or Pure Argan Oil per day you are ready. So do away with all those complicated and unhealthy chemical formulas in your bathroom cabinet which over time only cause more damage to your body and get the argan oil benefits. It is even edible and that says a lot!



Why is Argan oil so exclusive?


At one time North Africa was covered with the argan tree, but now it is an endangered species according to UNESCO and it is only found in the southwest of Morocco. The numbers have decreased significantly and the local population is poor, but because they recognize the value of the trees they are commited to protect them for the argan oil benefits.
Argan oil has become a rare vegetable oil. The argan tree requires intensive care and grows for at least 15 years before the first fruits grow on it and the hand-pressed method is very labor-intensive. A woman must process 30 kilos (65 pounds) of argan fruit to produce   1 liter of pure argan oil squeezed over 3 days.
For the poor people and especially the women of the region, argan oil has become a major source of income. With Mogad’or Pure Argan Oil you support local women’s cooperatives.


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