Anti Aging benefits of Pure Argan Oil matter who you are or where you are from, the fact that is that we all age. While age brings wisdom and experience our physical appearance may not fare as well. Usually, it is the skin that is the first to show signs of aging. Happily, there are things that can be done to slow, and in some instances reverse, these signs. Argan oil is one outstanding anti-aging natural beauty product, but that will be discussed later. First, let’s look into what aging is and how this process effect the skin.
Aging is a process that has two causes, external (extrinsic) and internal (intrinsic). Intrinsic aging is basically the natural aging process. Our genetic make-up eventually causes a slowing down in certain processes and substances that make youthful skin so appealing. Wrinkles and a loss of elasticity are a couple of examples of this.

Extrinsic aging is caused by damaging environmental factors. These can include things like smoking or sun exposure. These factors can promote or speed up the aging process, especially when it comes to the skin. Sun exposure, for example, can leave damaging spots on the skin. Some of these may not be visible, but they undermine the skin’s integrity. Leathery and deeply wrinkled skin are other signs of sun damage. Smokers as young as 20 may find fine wrinkles on their faces as well as a yellowish hue to their complexion. All of this adds to the natural process of aging making it difficult for the skin to renew and keep itself in a beautiful, firm, and glowing condition. So what can help reduce the signs of aging or even slow down the process?

Two important elements in the body that help fend off aging are collagen and glycogen. Even though production of both of these elements is reduced in the body as we age, through a healthy lifestyle, a nutritious diet, and following some simple tips, you can greatly improve your skin’s condition.


Eating a diet filled with fresh fruits and vegetables is a practice that will not only benefit your overall health, but your skin will benefit too. Foods that are high in antioxidants are particularly helpful as they help neutralize free radicals and other environmental agents. Blueberries, cranberries, and raspberries are delicious sources of antioxidants. That sun damage that was mentioned before can be helped with a daily dose of dark chocolate. That’s right, chocolate. The cocoa bean has one of the highest sources of antioxidants known, so go ahead and indulge a little. Other foods like salmon, tuna, and sardines are high in omega-3 and other fatty acids. This is a skin boosting aid that helps fight aging and gives a natural glow to the complexion. Nuts, leafy greens and legumes are other sources of nutrients that can keep your skin young and clear.


Regular exercise is good for your heart, but it also improves blood flow to the skin. Cardio workouts a few times a week are recommended. The extra oxygen helps keep skin well nourished and slows the aging process.


One of the best things that you can do for your skin is get enough sleep. Sleep is vital to the body’s natural rejuvenation process and is known to be life extending. As was mentioned earlier, kicking bad habits like smoking will also stop your cells from aging prematurely. Finally, find ways to reduce and cope with stress. Stress literally ages our cells at a faster rate, and it will show on the skin.

Argan Oil.

So how do you prevent new wrinkles from forming and deal with the ones that are already there? Mogad’or Pure Argan oil is the best anti age product that money can buy. This natural beauty product comes from the Argan tree which primarily grows in Morocco. To this day, the Moroccan Berber women still harvest this product by hand. It is then hand milled to preserve its quality. So why is Argan oil so good for your skin?

Everything that we talked about earlier from antioxidants to fatty acids is found in Argan oil. Large amounts of vitamin E ensure that free radicals are destroyed. Argan oil quickly absorbs into the skin. As it penetrates deeper layers, it actually encourages your body to produce more collagen. The hydro-lipid layer of the skin is restored by Argan oil, leading to younger, fresher looking skin. It also helps to reduce inflammation and cools and refreshes skin as it moisturizes. It’s the best way to pamper your skin and resist the effects of aging.

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