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blogpost_hand_feet3Pure Argan Oil is also a great way to soften your hands, feet, cuticles and to strengthen your nails and give them a healthy radiant look. Use a few drops of Mogad’or Pure Argan Oil every time after you have washed your hands. Preferably at a slightly damp skin to restore the moisture balance of your skin again and to get rid of the roughness. It’s advisable to keep your hands 2-3 times a week hydrated at night. At night, the skin is the most porous and there will be more cell renewal activity compared with daytime, which takes on the best active ingredients of argan oil and that provides an extra quick recovery.

Application methods Argan Oil for hands and feet:

Soften your cuticles to strengthen your nails and give them a healthy and glowing look:

• Put a layer of warm water in a bowl. Place one teaspoon of arganoil freshly squeezed lemon juice into the water and stir well.
• Soak your fingertips in the water for 10-15 minutes
• Wash your hands with a little warm water and pat dry with a soft damp cloth.
• Spray 1-2 drops of Mogad’or Pure Argan Oil on your hands and massage the oil deep into your nails and cuticles
• Repeat weekly after filing or trimming your nail.

Rough and Cracked Feet
Your feet will suffer less dehydrating in the cold or through use of soap compared with your hands. However, not caring for them properly will lead to these annoying symptoms. Remember that your feet are exposed to crushing footwear and the pressure exerted by walking and standing daily. Do you suffer from painful fissures or calluses on your feet? Argan Oil will even revive the driest and most neglected feet.

How Do I Use Argan Oil for My Feet?

• Massage your feet and heels daily with 1-2 drops of argan oil to prevent dry and cracked skin or calluses on your feet.

For an intensive treatment, follow these steps:

• Fill a foot bath with warm water. Add a foot effervescent tablet or fresh lemon juice.
• Soak your feet in this for at least 15 minutes; preferably until the water is cold.
• Use a pumice stone to scrub the heels and calluses on your feet. A salt scrub is excellent for the most stubborn calluses.

You need to do this until you feel the soft skin has a slight grainy feel.

• Pat your feet lightly with a towel . Do not allow them to dry completely. We recommend not using aragan oil on your toes.
• Massage your feet with 1-2 drops of Mogad’or Pure Argan Oil and then place cotton socks over them. Ensure they are not too tight to ensure good circulation.
• Repeat 2-3 times a week. Within a few weeks, you will find your feet are back to feeling soft and healthy.

Have Exhausted Feet? Treat them with a Well-Deserved Argan Oil Massage!
Remember that your feet have to work hard. Therefore, pamper your feet with a relaxing and rejuvenating massage to improve circulation and release tension.

• Mix a few drops of Mogad’or Pure Argan Oil and freshly squeezed lemon juice in a warm foot bath and let your feet soak for 10-15 minutes.
• Pat your feet with a towel until they are still a little damp.
• Apply 5 drops of Mogad’or Pure Argan Oil to your hands and spread it on one foot .
• Push deeply with your thumbs back and forth across the sole of the foot and focus on a number of pressure points .
• Repeat with the other foot and enjoy the feeling of relaxed feet!

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